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Boots & Cats - A HipHop inspired coloring book for kids
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Learning while inspiring creativity is the best of both worlds. Coloring and drawing provides many benefits for the physical and mental development of our little ones.


  • Improves fine motor skills

  • Prepares them for school

  • Inspires creativity

  • Contributes to better handwriting

  • Color awareness

  • Improved attention and focus

  • Boundaries and spatial awareness

  • Self-expression

  • Therapy and stress relief

Why you'll love this book...

  • 60 JUMBO TODDLER COLORING PAGES - Easy to color, large images with just enough detail to keep them interested!

  • SINGLE-SIDED IMAGES for comfortable coloring and leaves plenty of room to draw!

  • SIMPLE IDENTIFIABLE IMAGES - Our illustrations are simple and toddler friendly. We intentionally eliminated busy backgrounds and provided bold outlines for easy fun coloring.

  • FILLABLE NAME LABELS - Allowing the food name labels to be colored in, brings the child's attention to the words for an early introduction to the alphabet , sight words, and matching words with images.

  • INTRODUCTION TO FOOD GROUPS - Section pages introduce your little ones to the main food groups.


  • ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - "Awesome Coloring" certificate included.

Ways to use this book...

Talk with your little one about:

  • The color of food.

  • Where the food grows or comes from.

  • Food groups and healthy food.

  • Promote drawing or re-creation of foods on blank pages.

  • Ask fun questions like "What is Mickey’s favorite food?"

We hope you love our book! Your feedback is always appreciated.

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